Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

I cannot believe it is already Christmas Eve!!! Today I am hoping to leave work early and get home to get the kids to my Grandma's for Christmas Eve then over to my aunts where we will meet up with Tiff when she gets off work and do some gift exchanging.

The past weeks have mostly been filled with shopping and Christmas prep stuff. Yesterday we went to visit my sons friend Lake in the Hospital. Lake was on our football team and played next to Corbin on the D line. His family was in a terrible car accident just before Thanksgiving. He has very severe head injuries and is going to be in the hospital for many months. I really enjoyed seeing him and his family. Corbin took his 1st place medal for wrestling to him and Lake thought that was cool. He has very little ability to move and cannot speak but his smile can light up the room. It was very emotional and we were on the brink of tears for most of the visit. Enjoy the time with your families this season and don't take them for granted. We also went to the Plaza to check out the Christmas lights, eat some seafood and take a carriage ride.

Corbin has took first place in the last 2 wrestling tournaments. He has really faced some tough competition and is realizing how difficult it really is. There have been many tears shed during his matches, he gets so revved up that he starts crying when it gets intense.

I have been still getting in a decent amount of treadmill miles and a few on the trails also. Last weekend we got in a 50k training run at Wyco, it was snowing and about 20 degrees but we still finished 3 very cold and wet loops. My weight has been slowly decreasing and my speed slowly increasing. It has been rough with all of the parties to stay on track but I am trying.

I am really curious how all of the treadmill miles will play out at Rocky in 40 days. I definitely feel faster but that may just be from spending so much time indoors. I received an early present by winning a free entry to Rocky Raccoon last week. Joe Prusiatis the RD, gave 1 comp entry to the Kansas UltraRunners Society and I was the lucky recipient. It will definitely help since I went way overboard on spending this year!!

New Years Day we are heading to the Cameron 50k Fat Ass. I should get a good gauge on whether the faster treadmill running has been positive or negative then. Have a Safe and Happy week. See ya next Year!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


A Few Christmas Pics

Man it has been a while since I posted last. I will give a quick run down.

I ended up dropping at Nathaniels Run after 2 hours. I just didn't feel like running around in a circle all night long in the cold.

Rick and I ran Dude Where's the trail 50k and finished 2nd and 3rd my about 1 minute after catching the leader and then gettting lost with 3/4 mile left for 10 minutes.

I have been doing a lot of treadmill running lately, it has helped me in picking up the pace and also has been a lot easier than those cold dark morning runs. Overall my body feels great. Nothing hurts and I can actually walk normal in the morning. I have been eating super clean and am really concentrating on dropping some weight, so far so good.

Corbin has been kickin butt in wrestling. he has taken 2nd in his first 2 wrestling tournaments and has been going against kids who have already been wrestling a year or 2.His third tournament is this Sunday. I predict 1st place this time.

I have been spending way too much on Christmas but I always do. We bought ourselves a nice lcd tv and an HD pocket size camcorder while out shopping for others already.

Saturday we are trying for a 50k trainer at Wyco in the Ice/Mud. It is supposed to snow friday night into Saturday so it should be fun!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Long night ahead

I signed up 2 days ago for Nathaniels Run which takes place tonight in Shawnee Mission Park. It is a timed event on a 1.6 mile trail loop. We start at 6:00 pm tonight and will run until 6 AM for the 12 hour portion. There is also a 6 and 24hour event too. John is running also so hopefully we can help keep each other awake through the night. It is going to be mighty cold out tonight with temps
in the 30's, which at night feels a lot colder than it really is. I don't really have a mileage goal, just goin out to have some fun. I bought some new CW-X expert insulated tights for winter running so I should have a chance to try then out tonight. Unfortunately Tiff works all weekend so I will have to be up all day with the kids afterwards.

Saturday night is the Christmas tree lighting in Kearney. Tristan is singing for it so after being up for 36 hours I will get to go back out in the cold for that Saturday night. Sunday I am going up to Cameron to get my coaches certification completed for wrestling. Once I get through all of that it will be a relaxing week. I am off work next week and look forward to hanging out at home and eating a lot of wonderful food.

Last weekend was the Vets Day 4 miler at Wyco. I really had a bad day out there. Everything just seemed much harder than it should have been. It was still a blast but I just had a rough time. We ran before and after the race also to get in more miles although I had to cut out a bit early since I was called into work and struggling with the running anyways.

Unless I recover very well and quickly, this will be my last long race for the year. Dude, Where's the trail is next weekend, which I would like to do, but I will just wait to see how I feel. We are planning on a 30 to 40 mile training run in December sometime and then the Cameron Fatt Ass Jan 1. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Month

Today starts a new month. October was my lowest milage run of the month, mostly due to Traveller and also not pushing it too much on the recovery process. It has been pretty chilly the past few mornings, time to dust off the winter gear. I am glad the time change is coming this weekend. It will suck getting dark so early but at least there will be some light for the early morning runs.

I has been nice not to spend so much time running, I have actually been home most of the past few weekends and not falling asleep during the day from getting up and running so early every morning. I am still not sure what is next on the ultra calendar. I am just taking it day by day for now.

John and Rick are heading out for the Wilderness Run this weekend. It is 5 mile cross country style run. This is the second weekend I have had to miss out on a race due to football games. They both did very well in the 25k last weekend at Rock Creek. Congrats to Mr. Wakefield for taking first in the 50k.

The boys are going into the last week of football season, I think they are both ready for a change. Corbin led his team in sacks and tackles as the youngest one on the team. He is going to be fun to watch next year still in the same division. Tristan will be starting basketball practice soon. He is playing on a more competitive team this year which will be good for him, basketball is his favorite sport. Corbin is going to give wrestling a try. I am taking him over to practice Monday to see how he likes it.

Some people think that that may be too much for a 6 and 9 year old to be involved in but I really think it is great for them. When I was little we used to be able and go play sports with our friends outside and go play army in the woods. All of their friends just watch TV and play video games inside and the best way to keep them active is to keep them involved in sports. I refuse to let them grow up being couch potatoes like these kids!!!!

We had a hard night of trick or treating last night. Tristan was a Vampire, Corbin was a Ninja and Ella a chicken. It got a little chilly but they really had a blast. Both John and I showed up at Ricks at the same time with our trick or treaters and cleaned out his candy stash at the end of the night. Unfortunately I will end up eating more of it than the kids will.

If you get a chance, check out these photos of the Appalachian Trail and many ultra courses. They are some amazing photos.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Last weekend Rick and I went out to Kill Creek Park in Olathe for the Fall fell 7 mile race. As usual it was a blast. It felt really good to get out on the trails again. I took it pretty easy and just tried to enjoy myself and not get passed by too many people in the process. It was a windy,cool day. One of those days perfect for just standing in the woods, closing your eyes and listening to the wind throught the trees. Rick, Shane, Sarah and I ran after the race to help take down the course markings and water drop supplies. Running with a couple of 5 gallon buckets is a lot harder than you may think.

Looks like I am headed back out to the football fields this Saturday. Corbins team is playing the #1 seed, the winner advances to the Truman Bowl, which is their superbowl. Tristans team is playing also, although they have been eliminated from the playoffs.

Everyone else will be running in the Rock Creek 25/50k Saturday. I wish I could go but there is no way possible. I am also on call for work all weekend which really sucks too. Perhaps I can still try to get in a decent run Sunday.

Recovery is going well from the 100. I still have some foot pains and the left shin is not back to normal but overall everything is pretty good. I am taking a different approach to training which is going well so far. Less is more hopefully. Less time running , less time lifting upper body, more time on leg workouts and core strength.

I only have one today, I am not sure about tomorrow. At the end of the day I will be better than I was yesterday.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Change of Pace

2006 Heartland Buckle

Heartland 100 was this weekend. Being my first 100 it will always be a special race to me. I am still waiting for some official results. I wish I could have been there to volunteer but I need to spend some weekends at home for a while. We had to go buy Ella a new bed this weekend, she starting climbing out of her crib and flipping over to the floor every night. When we were leaving the store I told Tiff I could have went and ran a 100 mile race for the amount of money that bed cost. All monetary value is now based on 100 miles. Sunday we went to the Pumpkin Patch. Rick Kristi and Adrian went along too and we all found some nice overpriced pumpkins to cut up for Halloween.

The past week has been pretty relaxing for me. I spent a lot of time thinking about a few changes I would like to make in training. I went through a lot of ibuprofen and Ice packs but things are coming along nicely. I got in 2 leg workouts last week and a lot of time on the eliptical and bike.

My left shin is getting closer to its normal size and I have been able to get in a few short runs the past 2 days. Unfortunately the pain in my right foot is still there after all the swelling went down but we'll see how long it lasts.

I haven't had the normal post race blues this time around. I think mostly because I needed a break from the races. I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel the past couple days though. I am starting to get that strong urge to run again. I am satisfied with the way Traveller turned out. I had a bad day but made it through until the end.

The boys have football playoff games this weekend. If they lose, they are done. Hopefully we can win a few and keep the season going a bit longer. This weekend is the KC Marathon (Sat)and the Fall Fell 7 mile trail run (Sun). I may try to get out for the race on Sunday if everything works out.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Arkansas Traveller 100 Report

Friday morning Tiff and I picked up Rick Mayo at 5 a.m. and headed south to Arkansas for the Traveller 100. The only thing I was sure of was that it was going to be hot and humid on race day.
We checked into our hotel in Morrilton, about 30 minutes north of the start/finish line and then headed for the prerace weigh in and meeting. We were already getting sweaty from just being in the tent a few minutes and recorded my weight of 190. I had held off on eating any lunch until after the weigh in, I sweat a lot and wanted to be as light as I could to help avoid any issues during the race. There were 3 weigh in locations throughout the race at which you could be pulled if your weight loss was more than 7%.

After the prerace meeting we went to Walmart and grabbed a few things, on the way back to the hotel we passed a wreck where a car had taken out power line pole and had a few problems getting back to the hotel. We were waiting to go meet Carey Smith, his dad, and his pacer Andrew when everything in the hotel room shut off. The power was out due to the to car accident so now the whole town was without power and we were stuck driving to Conway, AR to eat dinner.
After eating way too much at Ryans we headed back to get some sleep. We had decided I would drive us to the start in the morning so Tiff could sleep in and ride over later with Carey's dad and Andrew.
We arrived about 5:30 for the start and waited around to get going. There was a loud boom and we all hit the road for the first few miles on pavement. Rick myself and Carey started out together. The first 11 miles we pretty much ran everything, which was really Rick's doing, Carey and I just followed along. It took only about 10 minutes before I was soaked with sweat. My plan was to take 2 Scaps and 1 Ecap every 45 minutes which may sound like a lot but it really isn't for me. After leaving Flatside aidstation we hopped on the Quachita trail for 8 miles. The trail was very beautiful but very technical. I caught my right foot in between 2 rocks and really aggravated my foot injury which had kept me from running the past few weeks. I was trying to take all the hard landings on the left foot and was really favoring it on every stride. I could see the aid station up ahead. At the entrance to the Sylvia aid station there was a high school cheerleading squad cheering us in which I had never seen in an ultra and it was pretty uplifting. Tiff swapped out my bottles and I was out quickly along with Carey. Rick was a few minutes ahead.

The next 8 miles I kept running the flats and downs, walking the hills. I was really surprised at how many hills there were. It was just a constant barrage of up and down. The course was in charge and I could only do what it would let me. There weren't many flat sections, it was either up or down. After Electronic Aid station I missed a turn and went up to the power station building, circled around it a few times and then realized that I was not on course. Luckily I had only gone a few hundred yards of course. I was now starting to have some problems running. My legs were getting tired and the temps and humidity were getting to me. I was getting a lot if intermittent cramping and stomach issues and was trying to get enough Electrolytes to get through it. I was emptying my water bottles before every aid station to ensure I was drinking enough.

The next crew aid station was Lake Winona, I had been really struggling for a long time now and my left leg was really shot from overcompensating for the injured right foot. My wife could tell I was really having a bad time. She got me reloaded really quickly and kept me from losing hope. I knew what she was going to say before she said it. " This is your bad time, just keep moving, it will get better". I was getting worried because it was almost 1p.m. and I was only 32 miles in. Rick was staying steady and was about 45 minutes ahead of me. The next crew access point was Power Line, where pacers can start also.
The climbs started getting worse, which meant Smith Mountain was approaching. Carey was now a bit behind me, he was battling the stomach demons, I knew he wouldn't drop, he told me so earlier, I just hope he could keep enough down to make it through the weigh ins. I was now relegated to a limping, hunchback like walk, my right leg which was the bad one going in, was now dragging the left one along. I was in a lot of pain and trying to avoid the Ibuprofen since I might need my kidneys later. The next 16 miles were complete hell. I guess I was passed by at least 30 people. One after the other they kept passing me, asking if I was ok, if I needed help. I could not run, not even the downhill portions. I kept eating at the aid station and trying to do everything I should. I just hobbled along forever. Every step just got harder. I started to weigh my best course of action now. My head was fine, my body was failing though. The pain in my left quad and shin was extremely bad. How long will I be out if I keep pushing it on this bad leg? Do I really want to be out here hobbling along all night just trying to beat a cutoff time? In the last few miles before the powerline aid station I had couple people say to just keep going, the aid station is just ahead, you can drop there. Now I knew I was pretty bad since other people were telling me how far was left until I could drop.

As I approached the turn to head into Powerline Aid Station there was a man in a yellow shirt at the top of the hill. I told him I didn't even see him pass me, and was glad he was feeling better. I thought it was Carey but it was actually the race doctor. He asked if I was ok, I told him that I really wasn't seeing things, he just had the same colored shirt on as Carey. The doc said he was more concerned about my leg than my head. I told him it hurt like hell but it was still attached so I guess it's ok. As I approached the aid station I had all of the questions answered indicating I should drop, except one. Am I prepared to go home and tell my kids that I quit? NO.

As I approached the aid station my pacer John King, and Rick's pacer Mike Prentice accomanied me in. I sat down and put on different socks and shoes. John wasn't planning on pacing me yet unless I was in bad shape, and I was. It was 5:45 and had taken me almost 5 hours to go 16 miles, you do the math. John grabbed his stuff, I told him I couldn't run and barely walk and I needed some company. This was his first time pacing and being at 100 miler. We left the aid station and started to walk for a bit. I knew he was willing to do whatever I needed to finish and it was a great boost to have him along with me. I decided to try and jog a bit and it started to not hurt quite as bad.

I started to get the negative thoughts out of my head. I told John how frustrating it was having so many people passing me and how I was sick of being asked if I was ok. We reached the 50 mile mark at 6:20 pm, 12 hours and 20 minutes for 50 miles was not good but reaching 50 is a big deal for me, it meant I just have to get back to where I started. Before I knew it I was running again. The best way to motivate me is to piss me off, and now all of those thoughts were pissing me off. I told John I was going to catch every one of those people that passed me earlier and make sure they didn't have to ask if I was ok either.

We ran to Chile Pepper aid station and got to see Stuart and Deb Johnson and Paul Schoenlaub. They were a great help and were very positive to be around. I was having a few dry heave and stomach problems and they gave John some tips on helping me out throughout the night. For the next 30 miles we ran strong. At every aid station we came to John would get what I needed and have me out of the aid station within a minute. When we got close to Rocky Gap we lost the course markings. There were no glow sticks, ribbons or anything to indicate where to go. This had also happened about 10 miles back but I knew we were supposed to stay on gravel from the course map and description I had been carrying with me. We weren't sure what to do now, I just sat down on a rock and John ran back for a bit to see if there was a marking we missed. After a while we decided to just continue on and eventually ran into a course marking just before the aid station. We told the volunteers and they got the message to send someone out to fix the vandalized markers.

We were making such good time that I started thinking I might have a chance at pulling off a negative split and still coming in under 24hours. Then my left leg told me otherwise. I was having a lot of lower leg pain, I stopped to look at my left shin and there were some purple knots on it, like it was bleeding inside and then swelling. It was agonizing to put any weight on it at all. Every mile or so I would look at it and it was just growing in size. I was basically reduced to a shuffle/hop for the last 13 miles. I grew very tired and was having trouble moving so slowly and staying awake. We saw lots of tarantulas, copperheads, frogs and bats while shuffling, John kept me moving as best as we could. Carey passed me with 8 miles left and was moving well. That was the first time I have been passed at night in a 100, but there was nothing I could do. Carey was running strong and I was reduced to a hop. The next day his pacer Andrew said I looked like a big pogo stick out there when they passed me.
Finally about 7 AM we came to the finish line. We ran very strong all night long but unfortunately I couldn't keep it going for the last 13 miles. The beautiful music played over the speakers as we crossed the finish line just over 25 hours. "Congratulations, you have just finished the Arkansas Traveller 100" was announced and the job was finally done. Rick, Mike, Tiff, John's wife Stacy and others cheered us in and we all sat down and told our stories and compared battle wounds. A few people looked at my leg but no one had seen anything like it so I was pretty proud of that. Rick had a big gash on his head from head butting a rock while crossing some water a few miles before the finish. Rick finished in 23:33 and Carey in 24:35.

The Arkansas Traveller 100 had a high temperature of 90 degrees with 87% humidity. There were 140 starters and only 66 finishers. The most entrants ever and the lowest finishing percentage ever also. The awards ceremony was a lot less crowded than the pre race meeting. Crissy Ferguson's first and last comments at the awards ceremony were the same. If you finished this race, you are an animal.

I was more satisfied with this finish than I would have thought for not going under 24 hours, mainly because of all the struggles throughout the day. I was reduced to a hobble for the last 13 miles and was still only 20 minutes slower the last 50 miles than the first 50 miles. The night was strong, with the help of my pacer John, I was able to pass about 25 people the second half of the race.Yesterday driving home I told Rick and Tiff that I wouldn't try this race again. Today, I think I could go under 24 next time.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bad Vibes

It has been a couple weeks since I have posted, mostly because I didn't have much positive to say. My right foot has been really acting up since Tulsa. I got in a decent week 2 weeks ago but have only ran once since last Monday. I am trying to lay off it until Traveller and just hope for the best.

It is very discouraging to have worked so hard building up to a race and then have an injury put everthing in question. I was trying to decide all week whether or not to even go to Arkansas, but I have already paid the money and have the time off work so I might as well give it a go. Hopefully it will loosen up once I get going, if not it may be a really short, or a really long 100 miles.

Rick is riding down with Tiff and I Friday, we will probably leave around 5:30 or so. Hopefully I can hang close enough to him during the race so that Tiff can help crew for him also, since Kristi is not making the trip. John, his wife Stacy, and Mike are all coming down Saturday. This will be John and Mikes first experience pacing and being at a 100 miler. I hope it all goes well for them too, especially since John is planning on Rocky Raccoon as his first 100 miler in Feburary.

The boys both lost their football games this weekend. Things went really bad in both games, hopefully the results will be better next week. if you have any positive vibes, please send them my way as I can any positive energy I can get.

I may try to get a cortizone shot if my foot doesn't feel much better by Wednesday if the Dr. will give one to me. I am stll not sure if it is some type of tendonitis or possibly a stress fracture. Time will tell.

Kyle Amos won Flatrock 50k this weekend. One of these years I am going to make it out for that race, the fall just has too many race options to fit them all in. Jurek once again reigned supreme at the Spartathalon. Absolutely amazing. Have a great week and hopefully I will have some positive news to report from Traveller this weekend.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tulsa 50k

Missouri Boys before the race

Saturday after Corbin's football game John and I headed to Tulsa for the Turkey and Taturs 50k. I was looking forward to running again in Tulsa and seeing some people I haven't seen in a while. Rick Mayo was also heading down for the race and Carey Smith was staying in my room along with John. I had already got in 65 miles during the week and was just using this as a good training run for Traveller. Rick had tapered for the race and was planning on giving a good effort, John was not sure about his pending results since he had just completed his first 50 miler in Des Moines with me 2 weeks earlier.

Nerd Boxes

We had pretty good weather for the race it was about 68 when we arrived at the start. They started the race with an exploding potato and all 3 distances took off together. It was really tough the first few miles. I started way to far back and got stuck on single track behind a lot of people who seemed to slow to a walk whenever the trail was technical at all. After about 2 14 minute miles I was able to get away from most of the slow train of people and run a bit easier.
Carey and Rick were far ahead by now so I just settled into a comfortable pace and took it easy for the first 15.5 mile loop. I remember the course being rocky and very technical but it was even worse than I had remembered. I decided to try and get under 2:45 for the first loop and hopefully come close to the same time for the second loop also. It started warming up pretty quickly and I soon was dripping from head to toe. The course had a few really long and steep hills which were mostly out in the open but other than that it was mainly extremely rocky terrain with short ups and downs. I finished the first loop in 2:43 and grabbed my Ipod and fresh bottles at the turnaround.

Our second loop was in the opposite direction so I had a good idea how close the runners in front and back of me were. Carey and Rick were about 1 1/2 miles in front of me and John was about 1 mile behind me at the turnaround. There were several runner within 1/2 mile of me who I was pretty sure I could catch on the second loop.
I kept about the same pace for the second loop and passed a few people in the process. I fell behind on my S Caps but I didnt want to stop to dig them out so I just kept going. I cramped up pretty bad the last few miles but was still able to finish in 5:31, about 5 minutes faster than last year.

Rick ended up winning the race!! There were 2 runners who finished ahead of him but they both went off course so they were DQ'd. Rick may have a broken finger from a fall on the first loop but was still able to put down an awesome time. Kevin Dorsey took second and Carey Smith took 3rd place.
The first place female was also DQ'd, she had someone pacing her at the end. I guess she was really dehydrated and was falling down and her pacer was helping her stay on the trail. She was screaming with cramps at the start/finish and had to be taken away by ambulance. John finished in 6:11 and did very well only 2 weeks after his first 50 miler. After the race I hung out and talked to a lot of people who are heading to Traveller Oct 6th. Myself, Rick, Carey, Kevin Dorsey, Mike Samuelson and Tom Brennan, last years winner, are all heading down for the race.

I am really getting excited about Traveller since there are no other races left before it. I have trained extremely hard the last several months and put in a lot of miles before other races just to build up my endurance for my next 100. I am ready to run this race more than any other race I have done. I am looking forward to having so many other people I know running and hopefully I will have the opportunity to run with them for a while. I feel I am prepared physically and mentally for this next challenge.

Today I feel like absolute ass. All 3 kids have strep throat and I am afraid I do too. My throat is killing me and I have been sneezing and shivering all day. I am trying to stick it out at work and hopefully will feel a bit better tomorrow. I was able to get in some weights and 6 miles at lunch but really should have taken a nap instead. Have an awesome week and live it while you can.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Next stop.... Tulsa

Last week was pretty rough, I had to work a lot and was not able to get in many morning runs. I only got in 50 miles but I was also still in a slight recovery mode from the Northface 50. I am not leaving for Tulsa until Saturday afternoon after Corbin's football game. John and I are driving down and Carey Smith is crashing in our room also. I am not tapering at all for this race, just using it as another long run for Traveller. I would rather get in a lot of miles this week than do well in the race.
Last year we had a good time at Tulsa and I axpect Brian Hoover and the Taturs to put on another excellent event. It will be a short trip since we are planning on coming back right after the race. I haven't put much thought into Traveller 100 yet, I will need to get started on all of that soon, hopefully next week. Not much interesting this past week, be safe and run strong.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

North Face 50 mile

Last Friday I made the trip up to Des Moines, Iowa for the North Face 50 mile endurance challenge. Mark Stovall, myself and John King headed out from the Hotel friday to go see the course since we had not much idea of what we were getting into. Once we got to the Park entrance I could definitely tell this race had some money behind it. There were about 20 North Face tents, portable Ice coolers, Lighting systems, and banners and signs everywhere. We spent the next few hours following the course map, looking for markers to follow the next day. It was clear after we finished scouting the course that we were in for a lot of pavement running the following day, about 43 miles of the 50 was on pavement.
The race started at 5:00 which meant at 3:15 we were up and getting ready for the day. Kyle Amos, Josh Pool, John King, Mark Stovall and myself rode to the start finish together arriving about 30 minutes before the start. I met Brad Holzworth who started Running for recovery, a group which I recently became a member of. We chatted for a few minutes then before long it was time to get going.

My goal was to just run steady and finish under 9 hours. I wasn't planning on running too hard, just keep moving and get in some long miles towards Arkansas Traveller. The first few miles were mostly in grass about 8 inches long mowed along the edge of a field along side a gravel road. It was required to have a light for the start since the sun wouldn't be up for over 1 hour, so the long grass was foot soaking at the beginning.

The run was pretty uneventful for the most part. I just kept pounding away the miles. We did run over some pretty wooden bridges on a few of the paved trail portions and there was also a street bridge over 1 mile long we had to run over. The police were on site all day there to keep one of the 2 lanes closed for the race which made it a lot safer. I ended up finishing in 8:14 which I was okay with.

The best part was to see John and Mark both complete their first 50 miler successfully. John finished in 9:13 and Mark in 9:23. I think this was a great race for them to get their first 50 miler. The pavement sucked but there are not too many easier 50 milers around than this one to get started on.

Overall the race was excellent, the aid stations were no more than 4 miles apart and very well stocked. Most of the volunteers had no prior ultra experience but seemed to catch on quickly as to what worked well. There was tons of food and several booths set up at the finish, along with Ice bath tubs and free massages. Dean Karnazes ran the half marathon and was around hte finish for most of the afternoon. He gave a short speech and handed out the awards to the various winners.
He was very friendly and easy to talk to. I know everyone has varied opinions on him but he really impressed me. I asked him about the Tour De Mount Blanc last weekend he ran in and he really went into a lot of detail about the race and how much different the European races are. I was really amazed by the way he looked. I knew he was cut, but seeing him in person was different. It really inspired me to get my diet back to the way it was when I started running, which I have started doing since that day.

All of the participants got a North Face shirt, visor and water bottle along with some bottles of accelerade and misc stuff in the goody bags. After the race the RD said there was a bunch of water and accelerade that they had left if we wanted to take any. Somehow John and I ended up bringing home 9 cases of water in sports bottles. 12 boxes of granola bars, 25 cases of accelerade and 6 cases of accel-gel, so we should be well stocked for a while even after giving some of that to Rick. Luckily John's Father in Law had his truck at the race to bring it all back home.

My family spent the next few days in Des moines and relaxed. We stopped back by the store where packet pickup was to do some shopping. I ended up buying a pair of Vasque and Keens for myself, shoes for all the kids and several North Face and Patagonia kids items for really cheap since they were on clearance half off and we got a 20% of coupon from the race also.

I have been out on a few short runs the last 2 days trying to let myself fully recover while still getting in the miles too. Only 11 days until the Turkey and Taturs 50k, so I can't lay off too much. I am starting to get that excitement building knowing that there is a 100 miler coming up soon. Soon the excitement will change to nervousness but that is a few weeks away.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Northface 50 miler up next

I am heading up to Iowa on Friday for the Northface 50. I will be riding up with Mark Stovall from Blue Springs, John King, Kyle Amos and Josh Pool are aso making the trip us from KC for the 50 miler. The race starts at 5AM Saturday, we will have to start with headlamps for the first hour or so. The course is mostly paved as far as I can tell. We plan on trying to check out most of it Friday afternoon to see what we are in for. It will be interesting to see how the race is ran by the big north face boys. They are supposed to have handheld bottle filled with accelerade available at all of the aid stations. Tiff and the kids are coming up Saturday Afternoon and we are all staying up there thru Monday to relax and goof off.

Sunday is My Bday, I turn the 35, I figure after that day I am closer to 40 than 30, not a pleasant thought. What better way to finish of the first half of the 30's than to spend the whole day running, I couldn't think of anything more fitting.

My shin is feeling completely better now. I am sure the couple light weeks helped to recover from several other things also. I really feel soooo much better now that I am running full speed again. The day just feels sluggish if I don't run. I have been able to get in 55 the last 5 days, I plan on running about 6 tommorrow then lay off until Saturday.

Thursday we took Corbins football team to the Chiefs game, we got to go out on the field while all the players were doing the pregame warmups. It was a blast even though the game sucked.

Last weekend was the boys first regular season football games. Tristans team lost by an extra point. He played really well and is starting to find his spot on the D line. They have a solid team and are going to get much better.
Corbins team won 45 to 0, the game was about as one sided as it gets, the other team had one play for 12 yards, everything else were losses. Corbin led the team with 6 tackles for a loss and 3 sacks. We had 361 yards rushing in a 50 minute running clock game. Here are a few clips from the 2nd half.

I got up a little early to watch the Lunar eclipse before running this morning. It was really cool. I went out by the woods behind the house to see it in complete darkness which was even better.

Have a wonderful week and I will post a report after returning from Iowa.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Week Gone

I managed to make it through this week fairly well considering my running was cut way back to a injury w/ my shin. I put in about 8 hours on the bike and elliptical at the gym, which I really hate doing. I got in 3 miles on Thursday, 12 on Friday and 26 on Sunday. It was kind of nice not running so much, Friday I ran my fastest 12 miles ever I think, guess a few days of rest isn't so bad after all.

Sunday Rick and I went to Wyco, we ran for an hour in the dark and then a 15 mile loop. It was absolutely miserable out there. I bet I got bit 25 times by horseflies the size of quarters, not to mention the insane humidity in there. I drank 10 water bottles while running for about 4 1/2 hrs out there and was still slightly dehydrated. I was really struggling on the run, I am not sure if it was the weather or what. My legs were sore some this week from the 8 hours of cycling/ elliptical so maybe that was part of it too. After I got home I did another 6 on the treadmill to finish off the day.
I plan on getting only 50-65 this week since the North Face 50 mile is less than 2 weeks away. After that I will see how I feel.

The boys started school today, they are both really excited about it. Corbin woke up early and couldn't even eat his chocolate chip pancakes Tiff made for breakfast, he is ready to finally be in Kindergarten. The boys have both grown up sooo much this summer, Tristan has shot up several inches the last few months and Corbin looks much older than he is now. It was sad to see him go off to school. I have been sitting at work thinking we should have done more with the time we had this summer with everyone home. It just goes by so quickly, sometimes I wish I had a pause button. I hope Ella adjusts to being at home without her brothers. She has always had at least one of them at home with her all of the time to play with.

Both boys had practice football games this weekend. They each did a great job. Tristan's team lost, but played pretty well. He has been moving around between a lot of positions and is still trying to get his spot figured out. He made some solid blocks and was open on pass routes several times but never had the ball thrown his way. Corbin's team, which I Asst coach for, completely dominated their game. They never took more than 2 plays on offense to score a touchdown. The other team only had 2 plays the entire game which gained any yardage. Corbin made several tackles and had 1 solo sack and was in on a couple others, he also blocked extremely well on offense, usually picking up an extra block after his man was taken care of. I stayed at the fields most of the day watching other Kearney teams play. There are not too many things I enjoy more than watching football all day long.

Take advantage of today, tomorrow it will be gone.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Heat Schmeat!!!

John and Me

There has been a heat advisory the past few days in the Area which has created less than ideal running conditions. We had a long run planned for Sunday which meant we had no choice but to suck it up, heat and all. Rick planned out our route and he put out 2 water drops along with the 1 I was reponsible for. We also used the fitness center as a water stop, so in all we had 6 stations set up to refuel on the way. Rick, John and I all set out about 6AM while the temps were a cool 82 degrees. Our route was 2 out and backs, 1 to Liberty hospital and back and 1 to Holt and back, mostly consisting of gravel roads. John was having stomach issues and had to stop about 24 miles in. Rick and I ended up putting in 34 miles with the temp at 100 when we finished a little after noon. It was a good hot run although my left shin is really hurting today so I am gonna take aday or 2 off until it feels better.

Friday night was the Psycho Night 10k+ a little extra. It was really hot and muggy and the trail had a few shoe sucking mudholes scattered throughout. It was an out back course, running out through the triangle and back. I started out as planned, staying conservative the first 4 miles, knowing the 2.5 back from the traingle was a lot of downhills with good rocky sections. I planned on going all out the back section since I had been running that portion really hard on the training runs. Shortly after coming out of the triangle section I passed my wife who was on her way into the triangle. She grabbed my flashlight from me and said she needed it. It was her first trail race and first time ever running in the dark also. I just kept running, not even realizing she was trying to give me my headlamp she was wearing. So now I was at the fastest part of the course, it was pitch dark and I had no light. I stumbled my way through the last 2.5 miles, rolling my ankles several times and wandering off the trail now and then until I would run into a bush or something to let me know I was off course. I had a few people get close behind me and I would try to use their light until they would get a bit too close and I would pick it up so they wouldn't pass me. I ended up in 10th place, about 4 minutes slower than I was hoping for with a light. Once John finished we went back in a little over a mile to find out wives and run them the rest of the way in. We also grabbed all the signs and cones we could to help clear the course. It was a good time out there, I really enjoy running at night, but it is definitely much easier with a light.

clearing the course

Kyle enjoying an Icee

The boys are suffering well through football, we have to keep a close eye on them with the horrid temperatures that are experiencing. Lots of water breaks and ice cold towels. 3 boys from the high school team were taken to the hospital last week with heat related problems. Both of their teams have practice games this weekend so we will see how they do then.

I ended up with 103 miles last week, which makes 4 weeks in a row over 100 miles. Good Stuff. 3 weeks till the North Face 50 mile, 5 till Tulsa 50k and 8 until Traveller. Mike Prentice is moving back to Kearney after living up the Cali life for a year or 2, I ran my first trail 50k at Psycho Wyco with him last Feburary. It will be good to have him back around to get in some good training runs with. He is going to go to Arkansas Traveller along with John to pace for Rick and I. Our little town of Kearney will now be the home of 4 ultra runners, not bad for a little MO town of 6000 people.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Not only is Suffer Well a great song by Depeche Mode, they are also the words to live by lately. Every run seems to bring suffering in this horrid heat and humidity. I racked up another solid week at 101 miles which makes 3 weeks over 100. My longest was only 20 but I was able to get in some decent quality miles too.

I have been hitting the gym every day the past few weeks at lunch, usually doing a few light weights then 40-60 min on the dreadmill. I have started the core stuff again since the "sports hernia" has been non existent for quite some time now. It started up last summer an plagued me for almost a year but eliminating leg and ab workouts seem to have allowed it to heal.

I plan on hitting 100 again this week and ended up with finishing off with about 30 miles on Sunday. I have ran every day since June 30th, not on purpose but I just haven't had a reason to not run other than being a little tired now and then Friday night is the Psycho Night 10(really 11)k. Not sure if I am running or not. Tiff is going to run in it and is also doing the Race for a Cure 5k on Sunday with a friend. She and Kristi Mayo went out to Wyco last week and ran the 10k night course so she is aware what she is getting into.

The boys have been sweating their butts off at football practice. I am really proud of them for working so hard. We have started taking ice water and towels to cool them off during their break times. So far coaching has went well, we start in Full pads Tuesday so that will be a real joy in this heat.

Carey Smith is headed to Mt. Whitney this week to summit and I am sure he will have a blast. I am looking forward to seeing his pics and hearing the details when he gets back.
Suffer Well.