Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kearney in the hizzzouse.

It is sweet to finally get a stretch of nice weather to enjoy finally!! There are now 4 kearneyites registered for Free State. Rick is running the marathon with one of his clients, I am doing the 100k and John is doing the 40 mile. The past few weeks John has gone out with Rick and I to Wyco including 2 loops last Saturday in the slop. He has run many marathons, the last 2 being on trail so he should fare well. This is David's first race over the 10 miles he did at Wyco. Hopefully his recently sprained ankle holds up. Both John and I are taking our families and campers and making a weekend of it at the campgrounds starting next Friday. Hopefully the nice weather continues. Our baseball team has it's second tournament game tonight, the first one was a little rough but we will get better each time out. I have been getting in decent mileage lately but no runs over 21 miles. I will do another 20 mile run this weekend then cut back for Free State. Been out to wyco the last few days looking for morels but haven't found anything except a bunch of ticks.

I am tired of these a-holes thinking they have the right to go postal when they are sick of feeling sorry for themselves. Freakin man up and if you have a problem then settle it the right way. Killing a bunch of unarmed people locked in a classroom? I am not sure if that proves anything except that you should have never been put on this earth in the first place. I truly feel deeply saddened for those people and families who were cheated out of their time. Live your life to the fullest every day. You never know when you could run into one of these pitiful people.,,.,.NO REGRETS.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Don't just sing it,.,.BRING IT

This past week was my busiest as far as running goes. Sunday I Ran brew2brew. It was a pretty smooth run. I got lost with a group of people the first leg and ended up running an extra 1/2 mile to get back on course. I fininshed in 7:22 good for 6th overall scratch time. I felt satisfied considering I had already logged 46 miles that week and didn't taper at all. Shane helped me out by taking some of my stuff of my hands while crewing for his brother Cody. I ran with him the first half of the race. The next weekend I took the family to Kansas for the Rockin K in Kanapolis State Park. The kids spent most of the weekend in the indoor pool, so they were happy. I did the marathon due to time constraints with it being Easter weekend. It was about 17 degrees at the start and up to around 30 by the time I finshed. Rick and I pretty much ran together the whole race. The numerous water crossings, 25 mph winds and temps in the teens combined to make a very chilly day. The course was a strange combo of sand, water, hills and gopher holes. It was very difficult mentally for me, I really wanted to do the 50 mile but I couldn't make my wife and kids wait around 5 more hours in the cold for me. It is all or nothing from now on. I printed out the Free State 100k and kettle moraine 100 mile entries today to send them off. I am going to go for another big mile week this week and then cut back a bit for Free State. I put in 183 miles the past two weeks. I am going to run as much as I can in preperation for Kettle. Today I flipped the switch to ON. It is all about Kettle Moraine June 2nd. It sounds like there will be a few trail nerds going up for the trip. It should be a good time.