Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Last weekend Rick and I went out to Kill Creek Park in Olathe for the Fall fell 7 mile race. As usual it was a blast. It felt really good to get out on the trails again. I took it pretty easy and just tried to enjoy myself and not get passed by too many people in the process. It was a windy,cool day. One of those days perfect for just standing in the woods, closing your eyes and listening to the wind throught the trees. Rick, Shane, Sarah and I ran after the race to help take down the course markings and water drop supplies. Running with a couple of 5 gallon buckets is a lot harder than you may think.

Looks like I am headed back out to the football fields this Saturday. Corbins team is playing the #1 seed, the winner advances to the Truman Bowl, which is their superbowl. Tristans team is playing also, although they have been eliminated from the playoffs.

Everyone else will be running in the Rock Creek 25/50k Saturday. I wish I could go but there is no way possible. I am also on call for work all weekend which really sucks too. Perhaps I can still try to get in a decent run Sunday.

Recovery is going well from the 100. I still have some foot pains and the left shin is not back to normal but overall everything is pretty good. I am taking a different approach to training which is going well so far. Less is more hopefully. Less time running , less time lifting upper body, more time on leg workouts and core strength.

I only have one today, I am not sure about tomorrow. At the end of the day I will be better than I was yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

just keep taking the time you need brother. Too bad you weren't out at Rock Creek this weekend you would've had a great time. Maybe you can fit it in next year. See you soon. Dave.