Monday, October 15, 2007

Change of Pace

2006 Heartland Buckle

Heartland 100 was this weekend. Being my first 100 it will always be a special race to me. I am still waiting for some official results. I wish I could have been there to volunteer but I need to spend some weekends at home for a while. We had to go buy Ella a new bed this weekend, she starting climbing out of her crib and flipping over to the floor every night. When we were leaving the store I told Tiff I could have went and ran a 100 mile race for the amount of money that bed cost. All monetary value is now based on 100 miles. Sunday we went to the Pumpkin Patch. Rick Kristi and Adrian went along too and we all found some nice overpriced pumpkins to cut up for Halloween.

The past week has been pretty relaxing for me. I spent a lot of time thinking about a few changes I would like to make in training. I went through a lot of ibuprofen and Ice packs but things are coming along nicely. I got in 2 leg workouts last week and a lot of time on the eliptical and bike.

My left shin is getting closer to its normal size and I have been able to get in a few short runs the past 2 days. Unfortunately the pain in my right foot is still there after all the swelling went down but we'll see how long it lasts.

I haven't had the normal post race blues this time around. I think mostly because I needed a break from the races. I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel the past couple days though. I am starting to get that strong urge to run again. I am satisfied with the way Traveller turned out. I had a bad day but made it through until the end.

The boys have football playoff games this weekend. If they lose, they are done. Hopefully we can win a few and keep the season going a bit longer. This weekend is the KC Marathon (Sat)and the Fall Fell 7 mile trail run (Sun). I may try to get out for the race on Sunday if everything works out.


Anonymous said...

Or you could keep resting brother. Enjoy your down time you've earned it. Just rest up. These races will be here when you get back to 100% again. You should bring the family out to the Rock Creek 50km on the 27th and do some volunteering there. We'd love to have you down.

Amanda said...

The KC marathon could use some sideline support. I know I missed that when I ran it last year.

Have you had the foot x-rayed yet?

Carey said...

Dave is talking out of both sides of his mouth; he's telling you to rest while at the same time prodding me to run the Rock Creek 50K telling me I can take it "easy" if I need to. Make up your mind Dave :-) Anyway, he won out and I signed up for the race yesterday. Would be good to see you out there but I know the boys may have football if they don't lose this weekend. Deanna Stoppler and I will be camping out at the state park down there both Friday and Saturday nights so you could always come down later in the day.

Glad to hear your recovery is going well and the running bug is coming back.

Hope to see you soon,