Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Week Gone

I managed to make it through this week fairly well considering my running was cut way back to a injury w/ my shin. I put in about 8 hours on the bike and elliptical at the gym, which I really hate doing. I got in 3 miles on Thursday, 12 on Friday and 26 on Sunday. It was kind of nice not running so much, Friday I ran my fastest 12 miles ever I think, guess a few days of rest isn't so bad after all.

Sunday Rick and I went to Wyco, we ran for an hour in the dark and then a 15 mile loop. It was absolutely miserable out there. I bet I got bit 25 times by horseflies the size of quarters, not to mention the insane humidity in there. I drank 10 water bottles while running for about 4 1/2 hrs out there and was still slightly dehydrated. I was really struggling on the run, I am not sure if it was the weather or what. My legs were sore some this week from the 8 hours of cycling/ elliptical so maybe that was part of it too. After I got home I did another 6 on the treadmill to finish off the day.
I plan on getting only 50-65 this week since the North Face 50 mile is less than 2 weeks away. After that I will see how I feel.

The boys started school today, they are both really excited about it. Corbin woke up early and couldn't even eat his chocolate chip pancakes Tiff made for breakfast, he is ready to finally be in Kindergarten. The boys have both grown up sooo much this summer, Tristan has shot up several inches the last few months and Corbin looks much older than he is now. It was sad to see him go off to school. I have been sitting at work thinking we should have done more with the time we had this summer with everyone home. It just goes by so quickly, sometimes I wish I had a pause button. I hope Ella adjusts to being at home without her brothers. She has always had at least one of them at home with her all of the time to play with.

Both boys had practice football games this weekend. They each did a great job. Tristan's team lost, but played pretty well. He has been moving around between a lot of positions and is still trying to get his spot figured out. He made some solid blocks and was open on pass routes several times but never had the ball thrown his way. Corbin's team, which I Asst coach for, completely dominated their game. They never took more than 2 plays on offense to score a touchdown. The other team only had 2 plays the entire game which gained any yardage. Corbin made several tackles and had 1 solo sack and was in on a couple others, he also blocked extremely well on offense, usually picking up an extra block after his man was taken care of. I stayed at the fields most of the day watching other Kearney teams play. There are not too many things I enjoy more than watching football all day long.

Take advantage of today, tomorrow it will be gone.


Carey said...

Cute kids, they look so serious like they're gonna kick some butt! Yes, rest days will definitely do you some good. If you constantly tear your body and muscles down but don't give it a chance to repair then all of the training is for nothing. I agree on your approach to the North Face race; taper a bit, get some rest and I think you'll find you'll run a lot faster and feel better doing it. I've been a bit distracted lately but still getting in the miles; signing up for Turkey and Taturs this week and looking forward to seeing (and staying with) you down there. It's easy to get caught up in the "mileage game" but I figure I'm in this for life and don't want it all to end due to injury or burnout.
Sounds like you're doing well and I'll see you soon,

Anonymous said...

When it comes to our kids I think we all wish there was more time. I was thinking the same thing this week watching my boy play. I can't believe he'll be starting preschool at the end of the month. I dread the morning when I wake up and there gone. Definately brother. Take advantage of today, tommomrow it'll be gone. Goodluck in Iowa.

Amanda said...

Can't believe I stumbled on to someone from the KC area! I've never actually made it out to Wyco since I don't do many trails, but I hear it's fantastic. I'll be interested to read more of your logs about it.