Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Northface 50 miler up next

I am heading up to Iowa on Friday for the Northface 50. I will be riding up with Mark Stovall from Blue Springs, John King, Kyle Amos and Josh Pool are aso making the trip us from KC for the 50 miler. The race starts at 5AM Saturday, we will have to start with headlamps for the first hour or so. The course is mostly paved as far as I can tell. We plan on trying to check out most of it Friday afternoon to see what we are in for. It will be interesting to see how the race is ran by the big north face boys. They are supposed to have handheld bottle filled with accelerade available at all of the aid stations. Tiff and the kids are coming up Saturday Afternoon and we are all staying up there thru Monday to relax and goof off.

Sunday is My Bday, I turn the 35, I figure after that day I am closer to 40 than 30, not a pleasant thought. What better way to finish of the first half of the 30's than to spend the whole day running, I couldn't think of anything more fitting.

My shin is feeling completely better now. I am sure the couple light weeks helped to recover from several other things also. I really feel soooo much better now that I am running full speed again. The day just feels sluggish if I don't run. I have been able to get in 55 the last 5 days, I plan on running about 6 tommorrow then lay off until Saturday.

Thursday we took Corbins football team to the Chiefs game, we got to go out on the field while all the players were doing the pregame warmups. It was a blast even though the game sucked.

Last weekend was the boys first regular season football games. Tristans team lost by an extra point. He played really well and is starting to find his spot on the D line. They have a solid team and are going to get much better.
Corbins team won 45 to 0, the game was about as one sided as it gets, the other team had one play for 12 yards, everything else were losses. Corbin led the team with 6 tackles for a loss and 3 sacks. We had 361 yards rushing in a 50 minute running clock game. Here are a few clips from the 2nd half.

I got up a little early to watch the Lunar eclipse before running this morning. It was really cool. I went out by the woods behind the house to see it in complete darkness which was even better.

Have a wonderful week and I will post a report after returning from Iowa.


Amanda said...

Oh our poor dear Chiefs... I still have high hopes.

Good luck this weekend!

Carey said...

Which option are you running; you say "50" so knowing you I'm assuming the 50 mile. I just found out that Brad, the running4recovery founder and my new business partner, is making the trek up there from Mexico City so be on the lookout for him and introduce yourself; he's running the 50 mile too (and he just ran the Mexico marathon 2 days ago; he'll fit in just fine :-) Have a great birthday on Sunday, you're a year and a half ahead of me but still early in the race that is life.
All the Best!

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Yes, I think I'm going to pace Cody if he needs me. I'll be crewing otherwise. Good luck on Sat. and enjoy your Birthday on Sunday. The football looks like a blast!

Kent said...

I just wanted to wish you the best for the race this weekend. I just happen to be one of the volunteers at the event, and it looks like a really great course to run. The weather is scheduled to be great too! 50 miles is out of my 26.2 league so far, so I did next best thing.