Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Northface 50 miler up next

I am heading up to Iowa on Friday for the Northface 50. I will be riding up with Mark Stovall from Blue Springs, John King, Kyle Amos and Josh Pool are aso making the trip us from KC for the 50 miler. The race starts at 5AM Saturday, we will have to start with headlamps for the first hour or so. The course is mostly paved as far as I can tell. We plan on trying to check out most of it Friday afternoon to see what we are in for. It will be interesting to see how the race is ran by the big north face boys. They are supposed to have handheld bottle filled with accelerade available at all of the aid stations. Tiff and the kids are coming up Saturday Afternoon and we are all staying up there thru Monday to relax and goof off.

Sunday is My Bday, I turn the 35, I figure after that day I am closer to 40 than 30, not a pleasant thought. What better way to finish of the first half of the 30's than to spend the whole day running, I couldn't think of anything more fitting.

My shin is feeling completely better now. I am sure the couple light weeks helped to recover from several other things also. I really feel soooo much better now that I am running full speed again. The day just feels sluggish if I don't run. I have been able to get in 55 the last 5 days, I plan on running about 6 tommorrow then lay off until Saturday.

Thursday we took Corbins football team to the Chiefs game, we got to go out on the field while all the players were doing the pregame warmups. It was a blast even though the game sucked.

Last weekend was the boys first regular season football games. Tristans team lost by an extra point. He played really well and is starting to find his spot on the D line. They have a solid team and are going to get much better.
Corbins team won 45 to 0, the game was about as one sided as it gets, the other team had one play for 12 yards, everything else were losses. Corbin led the team with 6 tackles for a loss and 3 sacks. We had 361 yards rushing in a 50 minute running clock game. Here are a few clips from the 2nd half.

I got up a little early to watch the Lunar eclipse before running this morning. It was really cool. I went out by the woods behind the house to see it in complete darkness which was even better.

Have a wonderful week and I will post a report after returning from Iowa.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Week Gone

I managed to make it through this week fairly well considering my running was cut way back to a injury w/ my shin. I put in about 8 hours on the bike and elliptical at the gym, which I really hate doing. I got in 3 miles on Thursday, 12 on Friday and 26 on Sunday. It was kind of nice not running so much, Friday I ran my fastest 12 miles ever I think, guess a few days of rest isn't so bad after all.

Sunday Rick and I went to Wyco, we ran for an hour in the dark and then a 15 mile loop. It was absolutely miserable out there. I bet I got bit 25 times by horseflies the size of quarters, not to mention the insane humidity in there. I drank 10 water bottles while running for about 4 1/2 hrs out there and was still slightly dehydrated. I was really struggling on the run, I am not sure if it was the weather or what. My legs were sore some this week from the 8 hours of cycling/ elliptical so maybe that was part of it too. After I got home I did another 6 on the treadmill to finish off the day.
I plan on getting only 50-65 this week since the North Face 50 mile is less than 2 weeks away. After that I will see how I feel.

The boys started school today, they are both really excited about it. Corbin woke up early and couldn't even eat his chocolate chip pancakes Tiff made for breakfast, he is ready to finally be in Kindergarten. The boys have both grown up sooo much this summer, Tristan has shot up several inches the last few months and Corbin looks much older than he is now. It was sad to see him go off to school. I have been sitting at work thinking we should have done more with the time we had this summer with everyone home. It just goes by so quickly, sometimes I wish I had a pause button. I hope Ella adjusts to being at home without her brothers. She has always had at least one of them at home with her all of the time to play with.

Both boys had practice football games this weekend. They each did a great job. Tristan's team lost, but played pretty well. He has been moving around between a lot of positions and is still trying to get his spot figured out. He made some solid blocks and was open on pass routes several times but never had the ball thrown his way. Corbin's team, which I Asst coach for, completely dominated their game. They never took more than 2 plays on offense to score a touchdown. The other team only had 2 plays the entire game which gained any yardage. Corbin made several tackles and had 1 solo sack and was in on a couple others, he also blocked extremely well on offense, usually picking up an extra block after his man was taken care of. I stayed at the fields most of the day watching other Kearney teams play. There are not too many things I enjoy more than watching football all day long.

Take advantage of today, tomorrow it will be gone.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Heat Schmeat!!!

John and Me

There has been a heat advisory the past few days in the Area which has created less than ideal running conditions. We had a long run planned for Sunday which meant we had no choice but to suck it up, heat and all. Rick planned out our route and he put out 2 water drops along with the 1 I was reponsible for. We also used the fitness center as a water stop, so in all we had 6 stations set up to refuel on the way. Rick, John and I all set out about 6AM while the temps were a cool 82 degrees. Our route was 2 out and backs, 1 to Liberty hospital and back and 1 to Holt and back, mostly consisting of gravel roads. John was having stomach issues and had to stop about 24 miles in. Rick and I ended up putting in 34 miles with the temp at 100 when we finished a little after noon. It was a good hot run although my left shin is really hurting today so I am gonna take aday or 2 off until it feels better.

Friday night was the Psycho Night 10k+ a little extra. It was really hot and muggy and the trail had a few shoe sucking mudholes scattered throughout. It was an out back course, running out through the triangle and back. I started out as planned, staying conservative the first 4 miles, knowing the 2.5 back from the traingle was a lot of downhills with good rocky sections. I planned on going all out the back section since I had been running that portion really hard on the training runs. Shortly after coming out of the triangle section I passed my wife who was on her way into the triangle. She grabbed my flashlight from me and said she needed it. It was her first trail race and first time ever running in the dark also. I just kept running, not even realizing she was trying to give me my headlamp she was wearing. So now I was at the fastest part of the course, it was pitch dark and I had no light. I stumbled my way through the last 2.5 miles, rolling my ankles several times and wandering off the trail now and then until I would run into a bush or something to let me know I was off course. I had a few people get close behind me and I would try to use their light until they would get a bit too close and I would pick it up so they wouldn't pass me. I ended up in 10th place, about 4 minutes slower than I was hoping for with a light. Once John finished we went back in a little over a mile to find out wives and run them the rest of the way in. We also grabbed all the signs and cones we could to help clear the course. It was a good time out there, I really enjoy running at night, but it is definitely much easier with a light.

clearing the course

Kyle enjoying an Icee

The boys are suffering well through football, we have to keep a close eye on them with the horrid temperatures that are experiencing. Lots of water breaks and ice cold towels. 3 boys from the high school team were taken to the hospital last week with heat related problems. Both of their teams have practice games this weekend so we will see how they do then.

I ended up with 103 miles last week, which makes 4 weeks in a row over 100 miles. Good Stuff. 3 weeks till the North Face 50 mile, 5 till Tulsa 50k and 8 until Traveller. Mike Prentice is moving back to Kearney after living up the Cali life for a year or 2, I ran my first trail 50k at Psycho Wyco with him last Feburary. It will be good to have him back around to get in some good training runs with. He is going to go to Arkansas Traveller along with John to pace for Rick and I. Our little town of Kearney will now be the home of 4 ultra runners, not bad for a little MO town of 6000 people.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Not only is Suffer Well a great song by Depeche Mode, they are also the words to live by lately. Every run seems to bring suffering in this horrid heat and humidity. I racked up another solid week at 101 miles which makes 3 weeks over 100. My longest was only 20 but I was able to get in some decent quality miles too.

I have been hitting the gym every day the past few weeks at lunch, usually doing a few light weights then 40-60 min on the dreadmill. I have started the core stuff again since the "sports hernia" has been non existent for quite some time now. It started up last summer an plagued me for almost a year but eliminating leg and ab workouts seem to have allowed it to heal.

I plan on hitting 100 again this week and ended up with finishing off with about 30 miles on Sunday. I have ran every day since June 30th, not on purpose but I just haven't had a reason to not run other than being a little tired now and then Friday night is the Psycho Night 10(really 11)k. Not sure if I am running or not. Tiff is going to run in it and is also doing the Race for a Cure 5k on Sunday with a friend. She and Kristi Mayo went out to Wyco last week and ran the 10k night course so she is aware what she is getting into.

The boys have been sweating their butts off at football practice. I am really proud of them for working so hard. We have started taking ice water and towels to cool them off during their break times. So far coaching has went well, we start in Full pads Tuesday so that will be a real joy in this heat.

Carey Smith is headed to Mt. Whitney this week to summit and I am sure he will have a blast. I am looking forward to seeing his pics and hearing the details when he gets back.
Suffer Well.