Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Month

Today starts a new month. October was my lowest milage run of the month, mostly due to Traveller and also not pushing it too much on the recovery process. It has been pretty chilly the past few mornings, time to dust off the winter gear. I am glad the time change is coming this weekend. It will suck getting dark so early but at least there will be some light for the early morning runs.

I has been nice not to spend so much time running, I have actually been home most of the past few weekends and not falling asleep during the day from getting up and running so early every morning. I am still not sure what is next on the ultra calendar. I am just taking it day by day for now.

John and Rick are heading out for the Wilderness Run this weekend. It is 5 mile cross country style run. This is the second weekend I have had to miss out on a race due to football games. They both did very well in the 25k last weekend at Rock Creek. Congrats to Mr. Wakefield for taking first in the 50k.

The boys are going into the last week of football season, I think they are both ready for a change. Corbin led his team in sacks and tackles as the youngest one on the team. He is going to be fun to watch next year still in the same division. Tristan will be starting basketball practice soon. He is playing on a more competitive team this year which will be good for him, basketball is his favorite sport. Corbin is going to give wrestling a try. I am taking him over to practice Monday to see how he likes it.

Some people think that that may be too much for a 6 and 9 year old to be involved in but I really think it is great for them. When I was little we used to be able and go play sports with our friends outside and go play army in the woods. All of their friends just watch TV and play video games inside and the best way to keep them active is to keep them involved in sports. I refuse to let them grow up being couch potatoes like these kids!!!!

We had a hard night of trick or treating last night. Tristan was a Vampire, Corbin was a Ninja and Ella a chicken. It got a little chilly but they really had a blast. Both John and I showed up at Ricks at the same time with our trick or treaters and cleaned out his candy stash at the end of the night. Unfortunately I will end up eating more of it than the kids will.

If you get a chance, check out these photos of the Appalachian Trail and many ultra courses. They are some amazing photos.

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olga said...

Man, this picture is downright scary! I am going to steal it from you, ok?