Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Next stop.... Tulsa

Last week was pretty rough, I had to work a lot and was not able to get in many morning runs. I only got in 50 miles but I was also still in a slight recovery mode from the Northface 50. I am not leaving for Tulsa until Saturday afternoon after Corbin's football game. John and I are driving down and Carey Smith is crashing in our room also. I am not tapering at all for this race, just using it as another long run for Traveller. I would rather get in a lot of miles this week than do well in the race.
Last year we had a good time at Tulsa and I axpect Brian Hoover and the Taturs to put on another excellent event. It will be a short trip since we are planning on coming back right after the race. I haven't put much thought into Traveller 100 yet, I will need to get started on all of that soon, hopefully next week. Not much interesting this past week, be safe and run strong.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck in Tulsa brother.

olga said...

Not that I didn't read it, but yes, didn't comment - yay for NF50! I think you ran a wonderful time, and 43 miles of pavement must have hurt badly! Last time I did a stunt like this was back in central Park of NYC in 2004...can't even make it 10 miles of roads these days. Good luck in Tulsa and planning AT100!