Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

I cannot believe it is already Christmas Eve!!! Today I am hoping to leave work early and get home to get the kids to my Grandma's for Christmas Eve then over to my aunts where we will meet up with Tiff when she gets off work and do some gift exchanging.

The past weeks have mostly been filled with shopping and Christmas prep stuff. Yesterday we went to visit my sons friend Lake in the Hospital. Lake was on our football team and played next to Corbin on the D line. His family was in a terrible car accident just before Thanksgiving. He has very severe head injuries and is going to be in the hospital for many months. I really enjoyed seeing him and his family. Corbin took his 1st place medal for wrestling to him and Lake thought that was cool. He has very little ability to move and cannot speak but his smile can light up the room. It was very emotional and we were on the brink of tears for most of the visit. Enjoy the time with your families this season and don't take them for granted. We also went to the Plaza to check out the Christmas lights, eat some seafood and take a carriage ride.

Corbin has took first place in the last 2 wrestling tournaments. He has really faced some tough competition and is realizing how difficult it really is. There have been many tears shed during his matches, he gets so revved up that he starts crying when it gets intense.

I have been still getting in a decent amount of treadmill miles and a few on the trails also. Last weekend we got in a 50k training run at Wyco, it was snowing and about 20 degrees but we still finished 3 very cold and wet loops. My weight has been slowly decreasing and my speed slowly increasing. It has been rough with all of the parties to stay on track but I am trying.

I am really curious how all of the treadmill miles will play out at Rocky in 40 days. I definitely feel faster but that may just be from spending so much time indoors. I received an early present by winning a free entry to Rocky Raccoon last week. Joe Prusiatis the RD, gave 1 comp entry to the Kansas UltraRunners Society and I was the lucky recipient. It will definitely help since I went way overboard on spending this year!!

New Years Day we are heading to the Cameron 50k Fat Ass. I should get a good gauge on whether the faster treadmill running has been positive or negative then. Have a Safe and Happy week. See ya next Year!!