Monday, August 6, 2007


Not only is Suffer Well a great song by Depeche Mode, they are also the words to live by lately. Every run seems to bring suffering in this horrid heat and humidity. I racked up another solid week at 101 miles which makes 3 weeks over 100. My longest was only 20 but I was able to get in some decent quality miles too.

I have been hitting the gym every day the past few weeks at lunch, usually doing a few light weights then 40-60 min on the dreadmill. I have started the core stuff again since the "sports hernia" has been non existent for quite some time now. It started up last summer an plagued me for almost a year but eliminating leg and ab workouts seem to have allowed it to heal.

I plan on hitting 100 again this week and ended up with finishing off with about 30 miles on Sunday. I have ran every day since June 30th, not on purpose but I just haven't had a reason to not run other than being a little tired now and then Friday night is the Psycho Night 10(really 11)k. Not sure if I am running or not. Tiff is going to run in it and is also doing the Race for a Cure 5k on Sunday with a friend. She and Kristi Mayo went out to Wyco last week and ran the 10k night course so she is aware what she is getting into.

The boys have been sweating their butts off at football practice. I am really proud of them for working so hard. We have started taking ice water and towels to cool them off during their break times. So far coaching has went well, we start in Full pads Tuesday so that will be a real joy in this heat.

Carey Smith is headed to Mt. Whitney this week to summit and I am sure he will have a blast. I am looking forward to seeing his pics and hearing the details when he gets back.
Suffer Well.


olga said...

You've got some nice lunch break:) Wow, no break in running for over a month! beware, you may become that streaker soon!

Carey said...

As I've said before you amaze me! My plan is to give you a run for your money at AT but I don't know; you're definitely putting in the work to have an awesome race down there. My adventure on Mt. Whitney was awesome and I have the full report and pics up on my blog; check it out.
Looking forward to running with you again soon.
Your Friend,