Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is Ella's favorite song, every time it is on her face lights up and she loves to sing along. It makes me smile every time I hear it now.

A lot of trail nerds were off running in races this weekend. Bad Ben was doing Olga's PCT 50/50 and Gary and Greg were up in Minnesota for the Voyager 50 mile. Everyone finished their respective races and I am looking forward to reading some race reports.

There were some new records set at Badwater this year. Personally I am most impressed my David Goggins, that dude can run for someone that is built like a tank. It is good to see a bigger runner doing well. He placed 3rd overall, mighty impressive.

Everything kicks into high gear this week. Fall baseball and both Pop Warner teams start practice, so betweeen the 2 boys we have 7 football practices and 2 baseball practices this week.

Corbin's Bday is Sunday, he is turing six. He got his first loose tooth a few days ago and was really excited about that. He finally gave in and let me cut his hair this weekend, now I have to work on his long haired brother.

I got in another 105 mile week this week, pretty uneventful really. Tiff and I went to Smithville on the trails Saturday, she is probably going to do the Psycho night 10k next week. Sunday Rick and I went to Wyco for the group run. We did a 5 mile hill out and back before the group run. Kevin Guest is the only other one to show up for the group run though, luckily there were hundreds of horseflies out on the trail to keep us company. I am just concentrating on building miles right now, I have about 6 weeks of good running before cutting back before Arkansas Traveller. I still have not decided on whether to taper for the North Face 50 mile or the Tulsa 50k at all. I will just see how it goes, they are really just long training runs for Traveller after all.


Anonymous said...

great training dude. your an animal. I don't know how you guys are able to get in all that mileage. Maybe I need to move to K.C. so I can have people to run with everyday. I'm growing aweful tired of being the lone ranger out here in Topeka. Keep it up as long as you can though. Good job Gabe.

olga said...

Meeting Ben was great! He is so thoughtful abd brought Monika and myself a trail nerd t-shirt!!!
I am impressed with Goggins as well - not only for his build, but also for he runs with no pacer. Tough dude! I heard he asked why he never smiles, and he said: I don't like to run, but I like the pain:) That explains lots:)
And the year continues...