Monday, July 23, 2007

Roll With IT

Sometimes you just gotta roll with it. I had every intention of cutting the mileage back a bit this week but it just didn't happen.

Monday 12

Tuesday 11

Wednesday 11 , 4 intervals at lunch

Thursday 13

Friday 10, 5 tempo Lunch

Saturday 22 trail

Sunday 17 trail

Total for the week was 105 which is a new high for me, other than the weeks of a 100 mile race. Considering it followed the toughest 50k I have done, it went very well. We got a nice stretch of cool mornings over the weekend and it was really enjoyable out on the trails. Tiff and the neighbor went out to Smithville on the trails Sunday and really enjoyed it out there. I don't recall too many people that don't like the trails once they have tried them.

The boys have football camp this week every night at the High School so I will be watching that all week long. The real practices start next week, so basically there isn't going to be any free time until football and Fall Baseball are over the end of October.

Throw in a few 50k's a 50 miler and a 100 and it makes for a very busy next 3 months, Oh well, it is better than sitting at home being bored.

Badwater is this week, I wish I had the opportunity and finances to go crew for someone. Running on the sun is my favorite documentary on running. The heat training and extremes that you must put yourself through to complete that race are amazing. Everything about it is extreme and the amount of mental strength and determination required to complete it is pretty much inconceivable to most people. I find myself thinking about that race whenever I am struggling in the heat. There is something about it that is very, very intriguing to me. I better just leave it at that for now.

Have a good one and enjoy it!!!


olga said...

I think I should increase my daily dose too, it's about time since I can't bring about the quality to me runs lately:) Awesome week, and have fun with your boys!

Carey said...

Once again, you're an animal. 105 miles, a job, a wife and kids; I only managed 60 something miles with no job, no kids and a fiancee who's been studying 12 hours a day for the Bar Exam for the past 4 weeks! OK, I'm going to have to go back to Hawn S.P. tomorrow and get in 18 - 24 miles just so I don't feel like a slacker. BTW, Badwater started this morning; check out my blog.