Monday, July 9, 2007

Enjoy it!!

Do you know where your child is??

This morning I slept in a bit since I had to go into work at midnight for a few hours. I made it out for about 5 miles then got in 7 at lunchtime. It was really humid which could explain why it is storming now. I finally got to do some trail work Sunday at Wyco after our run. It seems like every time there was a workday I had something going on so I was really glad to finally get a chance to help out. I ended up with 85 miles last week, which has been the average for the past few weeks. There are still some shoe sucking muddy spots on the trail. I had to stop twice and go back to pull my shoe out of the mud holes.

I am going to go out to Wyco on Friday and help mark the course for the race on Saturday. I may take the kids with me depending on the weather. I think they would enjoy helping out on the trails too. They are wanting to see Transformers so maybe we can fit that in after the trail marking is finished.

After this weekend I need to get back to longer runs on the weekend. I have gotten in a few 20+ runs since Kettle but nothing up into the 30's. I would like to get in a few before the North Face race Labor Day weekend.

Voyager 50 is out of the plans for July. I just don't have the desire to go do it so I am not going to waste my time. We are going to go camping or maybe head to Bennet Springs to do some trout fishing instead.

I am kind of in one of those mental funks right now. There aren't any big races coming up soon to really focus and set my mind to so I am just kind of wandering aimlessly. I hope as Traveller 100 approaches that will change. So, for now I am just running to run. Not to finish with a certain time or beat a certain person or prove something, just to run because I can. For me, winning is not a thought, it just won't ever be within my reach, which may be a good thing. I can just run and try to do the best I can . I don't have to worry about how the others are training, what their strategy is or their finish time. I owe a lot to running, it has forever changed my life and allowed me to be a better person in many ways, and make many friends which I otherwise would have never met. That doesn't mean I am not competitive and that I don't care how I finish or what I placed. I want to catch the person in front of me in 15 th place just as much as the guy in 2nd wants to catch the 1st place runner. But really, we are just running through the woods...that's it. Enjoy it!!!


Anonymous said...

good blog brother. I would take your place in the pack over mine anyday. At least you dont have people you don't even know calling you out. I envy your approach to running and life. its something i'm trying to work on everyday.

olga said...

Where the heck did this picture come from? Very scary.
Hope this weekend works out for you AND the kids and you guys have fun. BTW, about Endurance 50 - do you know their email? i tried to ask them questions, and all bounced back.