Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July. We don't have much planned, Tiff has to work so I will be solo with the kids for the day. Ella had a blast at her birthday party. She really enjoyed opening her presents and showing off her new stuff. She has been playing with her new Dream Kitchen non stop since Sunday.

I ended up with 81 miles last week. Had a few good runs during the week and got out to Wyco Sunday. We did 4 miles of trail on the hills section then 10 on the roads around the lake then back to the trails for seven more after that. The trails were insanely muddy. There were not many places that had good footing. I imagine they are still going to be muddy for the race next weekend too. It was an awesome leg workout and actually pretty fun too.

I was able to get in 10 miles at lunch Tuesday at the Downtown Fitness Works, which I just joined yesterday. This way I can get in some more weights and cardio durign the day. It is in the Commerce Tower where I work and has really nice locker rooms to get cleaned up afterwards, also outdoor basketball and tennis courts. I have been feelin tired for a few weeks but trying to fight through it without cutting back much. The left foot has been flaring up with Plantar Fasciatis and my right achilles is sore, especially in the mornings. If it keeps up I will start sleeping in my boot again which has really helped in the past.

Rick, John and I got in about 21 this morning, we did a hilly out and back from Kearney to Liberty. It was hot and the air was stagnent. Luckily TIff dropped off a couple jugs of water for us at the turnaround this morning on her way to work. We kept a good pace the whole time.

Have a Happy 4th!!!


olga said...

Is that the picture of extended family?! When I look at those, I realize how much I miss mine and how lonely we are here in US...but it was our choice, though I feel sorry for cutting our kids' experience of close tight-knit big family gatherings.
Another 80-week, man. I better start working and stop drooling:)

Journey to a Centum said...

Dropping in on your blog from a comment you made of Olga's. Great story from Fat Man to Fast Man. I don't know how you folks deal with the humidity this time of year. I suppose you adapt over time. Nice job of keeping the mileage up!

Run happy!