Monday, June 25, 2007

Hot Potato

The temps are really heating up! My run this morning was freaking miserable. I ran from 9 to 10:30 but it was hot as heck and absolutely no breeze. Tiff went with me the last 4 miles and I got to push Ella in the new jogging stroller. Every time she saw flowers I had to stop and pick one, so she had a nice bouquet by the time we finished.
I ended up with 86 miles last week. A lot more than I had planned on but that is usually the case. We had the summer intro 10k Saturday. There were over 100 entries, of which 3/4 were race day sign ups. Kyle did one heck of a job handling all of that. I even won a new T-shirt after the race. It went OK I guess. I wasn't really expecting too good of results. I got in a good tempo run and we went out for a second loop to remove all of the signs and ribbons from the trail . Sunday I got out to Wyco and ran with Ben, Kyle, Paul, Mark and a newbie Sara. She did really well for her first trail run especially considering it was still a mud hole out there.
This weekend is Ella's 2 yr Birthday party.!!! I cannot believe my little princess is almost 2 already. Her party is Sunday Afternoon and she is really getting excited.
There are a lot of races I am considering doing in the next few months. I am considering making the trip up to the Voyager 50 mile July 28th. It is only 2 weeks after Psyco 50k. September 1 I will most likely go to Des Monies for the North Face 50mile and then 2 weeks later to Tulsa for the Turkey Mountain 50k. Then if all goes well to Arkansas Oct 7th for Traveller 100. I am sure that will change, but it is the plan for now.
I am still working on this speed thing. I just was not designed to run fast. When I see myself next to most of the other runners I just look a lot bigger. I guess I can only do the best with what I was given. When I was running the 10k it seemed like everyone else around me was breathing harder than I was, I know if I can just get my turnover faster that I will start getting faster. I have huge lungs and the breathing is usually not an issue just leg speed. I don't do any lower body weights and only one light upper body day a week. I guess that is why I like the longer races. The further the distance the more the mental side plays into it.
Congratulations to Patrick Perry on representing the KC Trail Nerds well at Western States this year. He finished under 27 hours. Pat has made an amazing amount of improvement the past year and deserved to do well.


Carey said...

86 miles 3 weeks out from Kettle; you're an animal! I'm with you on the not built for speed thing; breathing is not an issue for me either but my legs will only go so fast. Quite an aggressive Summer/Fall racing schedule; AT will be awesome! Looking forward to seeing you at Psycho Psummer in a few weeks,

olga said...

Awesome mileage! And congratulation to a Little Princess:)
I, too, wish for more speed I am not blessed with, but I focus on things I AM blessed, like endurance and downhill technique and uphill power walk, and choose my races according to it. What doesn't mean I have to work on speed - grunt...but I am taking this year off from it and will be back at it next year.

Anonymous said...

you might be right about only being able to do the best with what you were given. Its the whole fast twitch slow twitch muscle fiber thing. If your born with a crap load of fast twitch you can teach yourself to run slow if your born with a crap load of the slow you can't get any faster. I guess the fast guys have all the luck. I was born with 50/50 I think as I am fortunate enough to be able to run in the 3:45 to 3:55 range for a good 50km but I will never be able to go low 3's like the speedsters. You know Caleb, Wynn, etc. I think like you I was built for the longer race. I know I have some good hundred milers ahead but I just can't get passed the whole nightime thing now. See you in a few weeks brother.

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

I would definitely add a minute or two to my 10k time if I could finish a 100 miler. You should be proud of yourself. Sorry I missed you guys last Sun. at Wyco. I might have to join you for one of those 50 milers if I can get motivated to train long.

Jason The Running Man said...

86 Miles...geez you are an animal! Awesome job. Time just zips on by with kids...I still can't believe my daughter is 4!