Monday, June 18, 2007

Need for Speed

I have been putting more effort into my runs lately. The only way to run faster is to train faster so that is what I am trying to do. I ran 6 days last week, all were under 9 miles but at a good effort. I plan on bringing the mileage up to 60-70 this week if all goes well. I ended up with 42 last week which is not too bad for 2 weeks after the race. This morning I got in 15 miles at around a 7:40 pace on the roads before work. I was planning on taking Ella with me in the new jogging stroller I bought last week but it was raining some, so I went alone.

We spent the weekend camping at Basswoods Resort in Platte City. On the way there my kids asked if I was running in a race. The last 3 trips out of town were for races and they were glad we were just going for the fun of it. I actually can't call it camping but we did sleep in the camper. It is a nice RV park, but they really pack you in there. We only had about 8-10 feet between us and the other campers. The kids spent a good portion of the weekeend at the pool there and playing in the splash park. The boys and I went fishing for 3 hours on Saturday and had a blast. We mostly caught Bluegill but they were nice sized. I let Corbin hold my rod for a second while I was fixing his and he hooked on a nice sized Largemouth. He got a bit too excited once he had him by the bank and dropped the rod tip down and the line snapped so we never got our hands on him. It was a 3 or 4 lb bass and I only had 5lb test on the reel so ther wasn't much room for error.
Sunday we got back home around 12:30 got everything unpacked and then went over to my parents for some BBQ ribs for Fathers Day. I got a sweet pair of Keen Newport Sandals and a Swiss army BackPack plenty big enough to haul around to races. We ate way too much food at my parents which always happens. I had already overdone it on beer and smores while camping too.
Apparently some of the Pics Rick took of us at RockinK got published in UltraRunning magazine this month. I am going to have to get a copy to keep for myself. I usually just read his but I would like to have a copy of that issue to hold on to. I am planning on heading to the 10k trail race at Shawnee Mission Park Saturday. It should be a good chance to get in some speed work if nothing else.

I hope all you fathers had a wonderful Fathers Day!!


Carey said...

Hey Gabe,
Looks like you are recovering well. I noticed on your previous post that you said your legs feel good and nothing like they were after Heartland. Only 2 weeks out from Kettle I'm injury free and even my right shin splint is practically non-existent but my legs are DEAD! At 9:00 minute road pace my effort level feels like I'm running 7:30 pace and my HR is out of control. How long did it take you to get the life back into your legs after Heartland? Any tips you can give me to speed my recovery are much appreciated.

See you at Psycho Psummer; may be a slow, hot one for me but I figure it'll make me tougher!

Jason The Running Man said...

Sounds like alot of fun family time. Good stuff Gabe. Yes you are correct my calories will be much higher when I hit the higher mileage weeks in my training. Great job on your recovery!

olga said...

Happy belated father's day, and thanks for your comment! Seems like you have a great recovery, and I agree - to run faster we need to train faster, something I'll need to focus on this year too, as I've been a slacker lately:)

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

I saw your pic in ultrarunning. You are famous now. That picture of you in the waist deep ice water is priceless!