Monday, June 11, 2007

Looking Ahead, Looking back

I have had a very relaxing week after Kettle. I am very pleased with how the recovery is going so far. I got in a 2 mile jog Friday with a good weight workout, 4 miles Sat, 5 miles Sunday and about 6.5 this morning with some weights. I feel my legs coming around and I really have no after effects of the race other than some pain when I stretch my left quad. Don't get me wrong, my legs are still tired but nothing compared to Heartland.
I am giving serious consideration to Arkansas Traveller in October. Rick is wanting to run it also so it might be a good fit. Prior to Kettle I was 99% set on running Heartland again but I am slowly changing my mind. Arkansas is a much tougher race but I guess that is no reason not to do it. Actually more of a reason TO do it. They have a training run Labor Day weekend that I would like to go to also.
I went ahead and mailed off money for 10 raffle tickets for Western States. The drawing for the automatic entries is next weekend so I figured what the heck.
I was planning on going out to Wyco for trail workday Sunday but it was storming really bad at my house so I figured it was cancelled. I guess a few still showed up. I was really looking forward to it and even sharpened up the chainsaw and clippers. Oh well, hopefully I can get to the next one. It is going to be very hot for that race in July. I am pretty sure I will run in it but I won't sign up until closer to race day.
I bought a scale at Sams the other day. I weighed myself last Thursday at 194.8 and this morning I was 184.6. I do believe the entire 10lbs of water I was holding onto was in my legs and feet. I had trouble getting my work shoes on last week due to my swollen feet.

I took off work Friday so I will be able to go on a field trip w/ Corbin's preschool class to a dairy farm. I am really looking forward to it!! He is a total animal/nature lover. He and Tristan were catching bugs and toads all weekend long. My dad even got him a subscription to Missouri Conservationist magazine,,,if he could only read. After that we are going camping Friday and Saturday night. We have ball games Saturday but we will be close enough to drive in for those.

Take care and have a wonderful week! Here are a couple recent family pics.


Anonymous said...

Glad to here that you are recovering nicely. AT100 in October huh? Cool thats one of the big ones on my Calender for next year. By big I mean like 3 Days big. I'm skipping Flatrock to show up and run it well. I'll have to pick your brain after you get done.

Jason The Running Man said...

Happy father's day Gabe! Glad to hear your recovering well!