Monday, May 14, 2007

too much work, no play

I actually didn't run 1 mile this weekend. It is the first running free weekend in exactly one year. I had to put in about 15 hours at work between Sat and Sun night. I had baseball, Tball and team pictures Saturday plus Tiff worked and I did not run on Sunday due to a lack of sleep and Mothers Day.
I was a bit grumpy since I couldn't get out Sunday but it was probably a good thing. I ended up doing yard work and was chopping wood for 2 1/2 hrs in the heat. At least I got some work done in the heat to help with training. Both the boys won their games Saturday. Their teams played really well. I am not involved in coaching Corbins Tball,, it is hard for me to just sit and watch since I am usually coaching their teams.
I got out early this morning and was able to get in 28 miles. My legs feel really good, almost like I didn't run this morning. Only 19 more days until Kettle. How the heck did I run 100 miles the first time? and why am I going to do it again? Not Sure.
I told the boys about going to Western States next year,,,they are totally into it. They keep asking all kinds of questions about it. It is hard for them to grasp it is still another year away. They have never been on an airplane before so they think it's pretty cool.


Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Yeah I guess 30 miles down I-35 is a bit of a stretch. As for Cody, he usually likes to wait until a couple of days before a race to say he's doing it.

Gripperm said...

Did you say you ran 28 miles this morning?