Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I'm all in

As of today I am finally all in. I mailed off my entrants fee and registration, verified the hotel reservations and started printing out the mileage and aid station info for Kettle Moraine 100. I feel good that the soreness from 100k on Saturday is already gone. The all or nothing obsessive/compulsive personality gets to take over now. Ever since my first 100 last October I have wanted to do another. I have completed 6 ultras since November but I was just looking at them as training runs. This is the real deal. I am looking forward to being focused on 1 goal now, hopefully there aren't too many things that get in the way of the last few good training weeks. I can't run today, I might try to get in some tomorrow at lunch but mainly Fri, Sat and Sun. I ordered a new Nathan 2v elite plus waist pack today so I can get used to it before Kettle. I have taken the entire week before and 2 days after the race off work to relax and not have a bunch of work related stress to worry about. I think the month before a 100 is the best time, I get a kick out of buying and organizing all the stuff and redoing the mileage splits and aid station locations. I am an over planner and I go through everything too much but I usually am prepared when the time finally rolls around. I think a lot about those people who used to give me trouble and make fun of me when I was really overweight in school on the long runs. It is a good source of motivation.,,,,,,,the last part of Heartland I kept replaying a moment from middle school where this girl Kari came up and sat with me on the bus on our way to a school field trip to Silver Dollar City. She was being really nice and I was thought it was pretty cool that such a pretty popular girl wanted to hang out with me. After about 20 minutes she went back to the back of the bus and everyone was laughing. They were playing truth or dare and she took the dare to come up and act as though she liked me. F#$@ YOU! Kari,,,you piece of crap!!


Jason The Running Man said...

Cool, One of my goals down the road is to run an ultra so I'm reading with great intent!

I use the same motivation methods. Being overweight was always a struggle in school and a great motivation tool to get you through the last leg of races from 5k's to 100's!

Gripperm said...

Congrats for finally being official

Josh said...

I have a couple of Karis lodged deep in my mind as well.

Thanks for the post.