Monday, May 7, 2007

Rainy Days

The rain and storms made me change my running a bit this weekend. I was able to get in 18 Friday, and 24 on Saturday but Sunday it stormed all day. I finally gave up at 4 and went and ran 2 hours on the treadmill at the gym. I got another 13 in this morning there also. My legs are really getting worn. I hope I am not over training. Only time will tell. My quads have been sore since the 100k a week ago. They are worn down but I figure the more I can run on them now the more it will pay off at Kettle. I have dropped from 195 lbs to 187 in 15 days. I am happy with the progress. I would love to be close to 180-183 by race day. I am still eating about 2500 calories a day but I have cut out nearly all sugars. I should be at a hefty caloric deficit since that is my BMR without the running calories used.
We have gotten like 5 inches of rain the past 2 days. My house backs up to the woods with a creek. The small creek which usually barely has water in it is now about 50 yards across and 15 foot deep. If it rains much more I may be in some trouble. There is about 2 feet left seperating the water from overtaking my yard then house.


Jason The Running Man said...

Great job with the mileage and weight loss.

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Great job Gabe. Keep up the good work, but don't underestimate the advantages of rest and/or recovery runs. You have to allow the glycogen to be replenished in the muscles and they have to have time to process the proteins to increase the cell size which will in turn, allow additional mitochondria to increase and yada yada yada... Bottom line, pile on the miles, but overtraining will hurt you more than the rest will.
Keep an eye on the creek. Hope it doesn't rise too much more!

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Are we gonna have another flood of 93 or what?

Gripperm said...

Awesome Job and rest and recovery can be your friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man,
I agree with ben dude rest is the key. Its taking me almost nine weeks to recover from 3 days because I was stubborn and thought I could keep the mileage up around 70 to 80 a week. My goal was to get at least three long runs in around the 5 to 6 hr mark and the best I could manage was 28 miles for my longest run.
If you feel good then keep doing it but if you feel worn then take a day or two completely off enjoy some time with your kids its not gonna hurt you.
I was also reading something about Matt Carpenter where he takes a two week taper before a big race like Leadville. He cuts his mileage back drastically and also cuts out running hilly terrain. Karl Meltzer I've heard also takes a week completely off before his big races. I'm not all into the science like a lot of the other guys are so I'm not going to ramble on about cell biology. Just listen to your gut instinct and run how you feel its worked for me. Talk to you later dude.