Monday, May 21, 2007

Time to hit the brakes

It is now time to hit the brakes and let myself recover. I was able to get in a really strong week. My mileage this week was higher than I had planned, somehow I ended up with 97 miles. My taper officially started today. It is such a difficult transition to taper off after building up so much.

We had a great weekend, several baseball games and practice. Saturday evening Tiff had a baby shower to go to, she took Ella and Tristan was with my mom for the day. I got to spend some great time with Corbin alone. We planted our garden and some flowers too, got Ice cream from the Ice Cream Man and played in the sprinkler. We need to spend more time with our kids one on one but it is hard to do. After Tristan got home me and the boys hit the Pizza Buffet and I bet I put down 3000 calories there!!

Rick and Kristi had their baby Friday. Tiff was fortunately working that day so she was their Labor Nurse. I am sure they are both going to be wonderful parents. CONGRATS!!!

I am really glad I am off next week because I have not got much together for Kettle. It is only 11 more days, I can't beleive it is so soon. I have already had a lot of doubts entering my head. I know I have trained well. I weighed in at 185 last Friday which is great. Everything is about right. If the weather stays good I should be ok. I keep telling myself that the race really starts after the 100k point, that is when we return to the start/finish and head back out for the last 38 miles. It is also the place where a large portion of the 100 mile runners drop out and take credit for the 100k. I am running 100 miles, as far as I am concerned the 100k is a DNF.

I plan on running Wed,Thurs and Sat. this week then maybe a short run Mon and Tuesday next week. We are leaving next Thursday morning for the race.


Anonymous said...

good luck man. I hope that your race goes better than mine did. Not that mine went bad. I just for some reason lost the desire to run at the halfway point and don't know why. Anyway I really do hope you get that finish in.

Gripperm said...

Good Luck with your race

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Gabe, good luck at Kettle. You'll do great. You're training will get you through 100 miles. Tell Rick I said Congrats.

Josh said...

Good luck!