Friday, March 9, 2007

Need more Daylight

Well I have been completely swamped the last week and 1/2 with stuff for my sons Baseball team. I decided to start a 8 yr old competitive team this year and it has been a lot of work so far. Finding good players, lining up practice facilities, looking for sponsors, filling out paperwork, opening accounts, picking out uniforms, finding equipment and staying in contact with all the parents has been a bit overwhelming. The real challenge will come when Corbin starts t-ball in a few weeks, then I have to find time for both of them. At least we get to start practicing this weekend! I signed up for Rockin K 50 mile last week. Tiff and the kids are going along so it should be fun. I am still trying to decide if it would be stupid to try to do brew2brew and Rockin K the same week. I am leaning towards trying both. I am on vacation that week and the kids are on spring break so the timing is perfect, we plan on taking the camper out during the week and relaxing a little. I am on call for work this weekend and Tiff works all weekend so I am not sure if I can get out on the trails this weekend much. Maybe grandma can watch the kids for a few hours. I got in a very relaxing 16 miles of treadmill this morning, I have really enjoyed running this week. Hopefully I can get to run in Lawrence next weekend. I wish all the group runs weren't so far away. It takes 1 1/2hrs to get to Lawrence for me. So I have to drive 3 hrs to run for 3 hrs.


Caleb said...


Thanks for the link to your Blog! I totally think you should do both in one week, build up that endurance base...or at least do half of the Brew to Brew and the 50...just my thoughts.

Have a great weekend!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

It's cool that you have a blog, now.
Kids, jobs, baseball, running. Ain't life grand?

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Welcome to the blogging community! Here we feed each others egos till they're nice and plump! Oh yeah... and sometimes we learn something about each other in the process! Did not know your story before now. Thanks for sharing. Great stuff!

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Gabe, its funny how suffering like a dog really makes you appreciate your family, isn't it. Jackson starts baseball soon too, so I'm going to be pretty busy too. That last lap at Psycho really kicked my butt too. See you at Rockin K!!! Probably Brew2Brew 2! Your lifestyle change is very inspiring.