Monday, February 26, 2007

Winter Sucks

I am really getting sick of the cold. Pick your poison. Be covered with frozen sweat or stare at the wall and try not to fall asleep on the treadmill. I would give anything to have a nice singletrack really close. Smithville is the closest and it is still 25 minutes away. It takes almost an hour extra to drive out there and back, that sucks. I was able to get in a little over 3 hours at Smithville on Sat. and 12 miles on the dreadmill on Sunday, so I hit 80 for the week. There are some people I see at the gym who make me wonder why there are there. If you are walking on the treadmill and can carry on a conversation on the cell phone for the whole time then you need to pick up the pace a little. Seriously, why waste your time, some people got there for like 10 minutes and just leave the car running in the parking lot. I guess something is better than nothing. Hopefully this week is nice and slow at work and home. Tristan has his last 2 Basketball games Sunday. The head coach is out of town so I am flyin solo for both games. Hopefully at least 5 kids show up so we have a full team. I cannot believe this is the last week of Feb already. I wish everything would just slow down for a while. I have to work late tonight and tomorrow night Corbin has a chili supper and singing program for preschool so I guess we get to shoot for a slow Wed. evening at least. 14 weeks until Kettle Moraine 100. I am well ahead of my mileage from 14 weeks out at Heartland 100, hopefully that trend will continue. Rick Mayo is going to go up and pace me for that race the last 35 miles or so. It helps me to know that there is someone to keep me company for the night running. Some people get all big and bad talking about how they don't need a pacer and can't understand why someone would even want one. I think those people are just such a"holes that they can't find anyone to put up with their arrogance for that long to run with them.I am getting really focused on preparing for it. I hope I can keep everything in perspective. I think having my kids involved in sports and other activities helps keep some balance.

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