Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recovering Well

Two weeks after Rocky and I am feeling very good. I was back to running on Tuesday after the race and have gotten in a decent amount of miles the past 2 weeks since the race. It is nice to take a break mentally and not have anything upcoming soon.
I have never felt completely recovered so soon after a 100. Perhaps finishing quicker took less of a toll on my legs.

Last weekend I volunteered at our PsychoWyco Race. It was my first opportunity to volunteer at a 50k and I had a good time helping out. John and I spent most of the day refilling water supplies at the aid stations.

Rick put in an awesome race in typical Wycoish conditions. He came in 3rd overall with an amazing time of 5:03 something on a brutal course. We got out to cheer him on a few times and he put in a heck of a run that day.

It has been a struggle to keep the nutrition at the pre Rocky level. I have been eating more but trying to keep it reasonable. Everyone needs a break now and then right?

Today is Tristan's 9th Bday, we had his party Saturday for his friends. Corbin has been down with the Flu since Saturday and he had to miss all of Tristans Bday stuff which really sucked for him. Hopefully he can get over it by the weekend and be ready for his first National wrestling tournament.

Not much exciting lately, have a great week.


Rick M said...

Bro, you lose any more weight will be able to wear the same size shirt

Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

I could tell you wanted to run at Psycho. It was good to see you out there. You did awesome at Rocky, enjoy your accomplishment for awhile!

Anonymous said...

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olga said...

You're looking way too happy:) Did I send congrats on RR? becaue I read the report so long ago...so just in case!

Anonymous said...

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Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

Sorry, You've been tagged. Refer to my blog post "tagged" for details.