Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Time

Holy Cow! I have been such a slacker in updating my blog. It has been over 8 weeks with nothing, guess I have been spending to much free time on facebook instead.
I use this more as a personal journal which does not do me much good unless I actually write something huh?
Corbin broke his arm in December wrestling 1 day before his first tournament so we have decided to sit he season out and make sure it is good and healed. Tristan has wrestled a few tournaments but really doesn't have too much interest in it so I imagine he will not be doing any more tourneys this year.
Both the boys are in a winter hitting league for baseball and we are having tryouts for both of their teams tomorrow. Ella is still the best cheerleader in the world. She is going to sleep by herself at night. We got her a new LCD tv for christmas and she watches it for about 10 minutes and dozes off. Tiff really likes it because she was usually the one who had to lay with her until she fell asleep.
Tiff ran the Groundhog Run last weekend with a neighbor and did a little better than she was expecting in the 5k. I had thoughts of going also but hung out with the kids at home so she could do something without having to worry about them.

I have been running, a lot. I have averaged over 100 miles for the past 9 weeks, which is amazing. I really was not planning or anticipating running so much but I really had no reason not to. I got in 448 miles in December and have 426 so far in January. My 2 biggest months ever and back to back on top of that. Most of it has been on the treadmill during the week and long runs on the trail on the weekend. Running on the treadmill really lessens the impact and I can hold up to a lot more miles. I really have only had a few minor problems which have cleared up after cutting back for a couple of days.

My diet has been good, I have been tracking my calories for a few months and that on top of running so many miles has allowed me to drop a few lbs. I actually lost about 20 lbs since mid November when football ended. It has not been easy but I still am able to eat some good chocolate of some sort every night every night.
I ended up signing up for Rocky the last day of the normal entry deadline, I figured I might as well give it a go since I felt I was in shape for it. I am really looking forward to running there again. Hopefully the weather will be good and all will go well. John is not going this year which sucks. I like to have him out there to keep me moving. I did get SuperPacer Rick signed up to fly down with TIff and I to pace the last 40 miles which is awesome. There are many trail nerds going down for the race to run, pace and crew. I think there will be 10 or so running and just as many crewing and pacing, for many it will be there first go at 100 miles.

I feel like I have done all I can do to prepare myself to run well at Rocky. 100 miles is a long way and ther are a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong so we will see what happens.
After Rocky my focus will shift to Western States. I am where I want to be right now and will try to take my training up another notch to get ready for Western States. It is going to be a wonder butt kicking experience especially with Rick training for it as well. I cannot wait.

Kyle Amos and Tony Clark both finished HURT 100 last week, one tough, tough race. Props to you guys, you are freaking animals.


Thomas Bussiere said...

That’s some serious mileage Gabe. Looks like you are more then ready for Rocky and maybe a PR. Are you using trail or road shoes?
Good luck,

Gabe said...

Road shoes, I will sacrifice my toenails to the Rocky gods again.

Thomas Bussiere said...

I'm going with road as well. I will have a pair of trail shoes as a backup if the evil roots plan to attack at night when the legs are not responding as well.
I heard from another runner who lives in TX and he says it has been hot.

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