Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Well I guess it is time to get my fat butt back in shape again. Baseball season is now over and hopefully another 100 miler will be coming up pretty soon. I am waiting to see how the football schedule comes together but I plan on getting in a 100 sometime in the fall so I had better get a goin.
We spent 8 days in California for WS100 which was cancelled and vacation. Unfortunately Rick didn't get to run the race he has been training for the last but hopefully it will carry over into even a better performance next year. I was looking forward to paceing those last 40 miles. We spent 3 days around Tahoe, 2 at Disneyland and 3 in Huntington beach. It was a blast but it is nice to be back home (kind of).
The past weekend was the Psycho Psummer 50k at Wyco. I signed up last minute after staying out too late on the 4th a having a bit too much fun I was hoping to be able and finish. I ended up runnning the first 20 miles or so with John and Stuart Johnson which made it pretty enjoyable and ended up coming in about 6 minutes faster that last year. Hopefully that is a good sign that I can do ok with around 65 miles a week. I am just going to focus on losing some weight over the next few months.
I am coaching Corbin's football team this year, that will take a lot of time but it is manageable. Oh, I got my first tattoo while on vacation. I made Tristan go with me to get it. I think he was a little creeped out in the tattoo parlor but he did watch it being done. Here is a pic of the tatoo, I know what it means but so far no one else has.


Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

I know what it means, but I won't tell. Is there a reward?

Carey said...

No idea what it means, nice tat though. Like the new picture "Large man with beer and nicotine;" I can't believe that is you! I can't even imagine you like that so it's like looking at a totally different person.
Hope you are well,

Thomas Bussiere said...

Any races on the agenda for next year?

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