Thursday, January 31, 2008


So tomorrow we finally head for Texas. John, Kyle, myself and our wives will be flying out around 5am to Texas. I cannot believe the weather forcast!! A high temperature of 67 and a low of 53, absolutely perfect!!

Everything has been so busy lately that I haven't even got to pack everything up yet. I haven't been home before 8 for the last couple weeks with practices and stuff. I have never felt so good before a 100 miler before. Everything feels different this time. I guess the lack of high mileage buildup and drastic taper have kept everything normal. There are no aches and pains to worry about which is strange and I have been getting a lot more sleep since I have been substituting lunch runs for early morning runs.

My plan for Rocky is to just go with the flow. I just want to run at whatever pace feels comfortable and not get obsessed with the time. I am going to start out in my road shoes and see how they hold up. This will be the first time flying to a 100 miler so I had to greatly reduce the amount of stuff I usually take. Tiff is going to share a car with John's wife, Stacy, and try to get to both John and I while Kyle's wife is planning on using Ben's Nerdmobile.

Mark Stovall is flying down with Rick Saturday morning to pace me. It will be Marks first time at a 100 or pacing. He has done a 24hr run and a 50 miler as well as a few 50k's so he will be fine.

I hope to take my new mini HD camcorder with me on a few legs of the race if everything goes well and maybe have Mark take it out at night while pacing some. Tiff will be using it at some aid stations so hopefully we can get a few hours worth of footage.

Yesterday I had my bodyfat tesing and final weigh in before the race. My bodyfat was 6.1%. I weighed at 180 lbs after putting in a few slow miles on the treadmill. I was about 194 the week of Traveller, I am curious to see if losing 13 or so lbs will pay off over 100 miles. There is not much elso to lose so I am very happy with my weight loss and I really hope it pays off. John has dropped about 15 lbs and he has definitely improved a lot.

The trail nerds will be well represented at Rocky. Myself, John King, Kyle Amos, Ben Holmes abd Gary Henry are all running as well as a whole bunch of other people I know. I am looking forward to seeing those other crazies who like to do this stuff also.

As far as the kids go...Corbin has won 6 wrestling tournaments in a row, going undefeated since December 8th. Last weekend we travelled to Kirksville and spen the weekend there for a tournament. He got a nice 2ft trophy and we had a good time in the process. Tristans Basketball team is improving but they play in a very competitive league so they are still looking for their first win. We have been having Baseball tryouts for his team and will finalize our roster next week as well as getting everything tolling for COrbins baseball team too.

Have an awesome weekend, hopefully I will have some good news to report next week.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck bro. You'll kick ass. You'll notice a huge difference in running economy also withthe weight loss and 6.1% ouch. Your starting to make me look chubby. Nice work.